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Client Appreciation 2016

One of the goals of our team is customer service. And while this means giving 100% and looking out for our clients interests during marketing and negotiation, it also means staying in touch after the sale. One of our favorite things to do is celebrate our wonderful clients and the things that are important to them.

We started the tradition in 2015 as a way of celebrating our clients and giving us a chance to catch up with them. Whether it be having a huge contingency of nieces and nephews come into town to visit each summer, or a new grand baby, we love to share in the things that make life wonderful.

The event also give our clients a chance to meet our entire team, from the lead agents all the way to the person who handled marketing their home. Every person in our team plays a role in making sure our clients get the very best treatment.

In July, we celebrated our second annual "Client Appreciation Celebration" at the Chattanooga Lookouts. Our clients brought friends and family to enjoy dinner and baseball in downtown Chattanooga. This gave us a chance to catch up with those that make our jobs rewarding and successful. Hot dogs, hamburgers and cold drinks were enjoyed while we watched the sunset over Lookout Mountain and watched the picturesque setting unfold.

Here are a few moments from our successful evening.

If you are looking for a real estate agent or team that will consider you a friend, rather than a number, we hope you will consider Chattanooga Property Shop.

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