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Chattanooga Property Shop August Top 5

Happy August! As summer comes to a close, we wanted to share our top 5 FAVORITE THINGS this month and even a sneak peek into what is happening in real estate, Chattanooga Property Shop and on our team.

  1. A current trend we are seeing in real estate is multi generational homes. In fact, over 57 million Americans are currently living in a type of multi generational configuration. Homes are consolidating as more children are living with their parents, and aging parents are moving in with their adult children. If you are considering consolidating due to rising rent rates and/or changing family dynamics, you should consider upgrading in quality time and space for all members of your family with a multi generational home. Chattanooga Property Shop has six homes available for sale that can serve the needs of multi generational families that want to live together but, comfortably apart. Read more at our blog post about Multigenerational Homes. 20160714192759825052000000-o
  2. At Chattanooga Property Shop, we know when someone buys a home, they aren't just buying the house-they are buying a neighborhood as well. We also know that each home buyer is looking for something different in a community. View trends according to National Association of Realtor 2016 Home Buyers and Sellers Generation here. As a team of real estate agents, we may be biased but we think it is important to use the experience and knowledge that a Buyers Agent offers when looking for a home. Click here to read more. The bottom line is-Buyers: we know what you are looking for and we have it!agents
  3. We also think it is necessary to have a Listing Specialist when looking to sell your home. Why? Our listings that sold in July had an average day on market of 3.2 days and an average list price of $186,500 (list prices ranged $155-335,000). If you are in the market to sell your home, do not hesitate! Call us today for your no obligation listing consultation with our lead agents, Diane Patty and Lisa Brown. ( 423-504-5006/423-432-2100 )13690816_1085000044919628_5913957440621442410_n
  4. In real estate, it is often said that the most important thing is "location, location, location!" When it comes to location in commercial real estate, we have found that is can make or break the surrounding area. The Greater Chattanooga area is a thriving market, which is why undeveloped land is a gold mine for possibilities. A great example of this was our recently sold listing 7449 Nashville Street, located in Ringgold, GA. Ultimately, the 1.85 acre property will serve promote economic growth in the Ringgold side walk commercial district. If you are looking for a prime development opportunity contact Chattanooga Property Shop. 12916080_full__1_of_9_-2\
  5. This past month we celebrated our wonderful clients at our second annual "Client Appreciation at the Lookouts" ! It was so great to see our clients and catch up while enjoying baseball, hot dogs and the fantastic weather. We are so appreciative of your business and support! Thank you to those of you who came out. We appreciate the relationships that have come from serving our wonderful clients and the word of mouth business that has come from them.
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