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Chattanooga Weekend Fun: April 8-10

The weather is stunningly gorgeous this weekend and everything is really getting into blooming. Chattanooga really earns its nickname in the spring with all the blooming azaleas, dogwoods, laurels and flowers. We are fortunate to have avoided the late spring snow and frost that most of the rest of the country is experiencing this week. While it may be only in the 50's this weekend, it is perfect weather to enjoy a hike, bike or walk in the woods to enjoy the wonderful flora that is blooming. If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, here are your Chattanooga fun best bets.

Sculpture Fields

Chattanooga is fortunate to have a vibrant artist community and a city that sees the value of public art. While some feel that money spent on public art could be spent elsewhere, there is no doubt that a community that fosters artists also is the community that also reaps the benefits from not only the culture and creativity of artist, but also the economic aspect that both tourism and industry create around art. The Montaque Sculpture Fields have been modeled after sculpture gardens all over the world with the intent to provide a place for public enjoyment of art, a gathering space for people from all over the city and a destination for tourists from all over the world. Kite flying areas, yoga sites, walking trails and open spaces are all included around sculptures of world renowned artists including locals John Henry and Jim Collins along side, German Claus Moor and Texan Roger Columbik. Friday and Saturday you can attend the dedication activities for the sculpture field and experience the art first hand, along with artist talks, live music, food trucks and yoga. Details can be found online. 1800 Polk Ave. Open everyday dawn til dusk.

Historic MLKing Walking Tour

Chattanooga is a historical city for many reasons. From the pre-civil war industrial boom, to the current status as the city with the world's fastest internet, we are leaders. We have such a rich history, it is sometimes hard to take it all in. Bessie Smith is one of the best known jazz singers of the 1920's-30's jazz era and Chattanooga claims her as our own. If you are interested in learning more about the jazz era and the cultural history that surrounds that era and what grew out of it, you have a chance on Saturday. The 2016 Jazzanooga Historic MLKing Walking Tour will start at 2pm at Millers Plaza and include an 1 hour walking tour of the historic district. The tour is free and open to all ages. Millers Plaza is located at 850 Market Street

One of the best known photos of Bessie Smith

Nature Calls 5k and 15k

Lula Lake is a land trust located on Lookout Mountain. The trust is open to the public at least once a month and this Sunday, it is open for the Nature Calls 5k/15k. A very low key social race sponsored by Wild Trails, with no awards, this is a fun way to spend a social Sunday morning in nature with your pals. From the Wild Trails website:" The 5K is about as easy as can be found in this area and the 15K has some real challenges with the High Adventure trail, including a rope section and the difficult trail that travels down to the bottom of Lula Falls" . Registration is required, but can be done Sunday at the race site. Race starts at 10 am. If you miss it this month, you can catch it again in July and October. Directions can be found here.

Head out this weekend enjoy all Chattanooga has to offer. Hit the trails on Signal Mountain or Lookout Mountain, take a bike ride along theRiverwalk, head to brunch at The Flying Squirrel or just relax inCoolidge Park or a walk Enterprise South Park. Chattanooga has so much to offer this weekend and every weekend.

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